Extensive, Integrated Network of Intellectual Property

XenoTherapeutics has been awarded a network of patents integrating lessons learned and inventions derived from our unique, first-mover experience. Under the expedited patent review program, Track One, all of XenoTherapeutics’ patents to date have been awarded by the USPTO in under one year. 





We have been awarded an extensive and integrated family of primary and supporting patents covering our ability to create clinical grade porcine donors, immune-compatible cells, and predictive gene designs:

U.S. Patent No. 10,799,614

(Xenotransplantation Products and Methods)

Awarded October 13, 2020

Impact: Achieving regulatory approval to create, develop, or enable ANY FDA-acceptable, clinical grade product comprising non-human cells, tissue, or organs, regardless of genetic modification

U.S. Patent No. 10,883,084

(Personalized Cells, Tissues, and Organs for Transplantation from a Humanized, Bespoke, Designated-Pathogen Free, Non-Human Donor)

Granted January 5, 2021

Impact: The blueprint for creating immune-compatible cells





U.S. Provisional Patent App. No. 63/034,140

(Computational and Predictive Design of Humanized, Bespoke, Non- Human Donor for Transplantation of Personalized Cells, Tissues, and Organs)

Filed June 3, 2020

Impact: Predictive algorithm for assessing molecular compatibility between donor and recipient

Our Internally Developed Patents