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gene editing innovation 

In 2020, we added two significant patents to our portfolio that protect market entry and lead to the creation of immune-compatible, patient-specific donors utilizing CRISPR technology. Our third patent, currently under review, applies artificial intelligence to the genetic design of your unique donor.

U.S. Patent No. 10,799,614

Awarded October 13, 2020

Xenotransplantation Products and Methods, describes how to make genetically engineered porcine donor acceptable for human use, regardless of the specific genetic alterations applied. It details the essential “rate-limiting” processes and conditions necessary to make any source animal “clinically acceptable” to the FDA. This patent represents a substantial barrier to entry for others in the xenotransplantation market.

U.S. Patent App. No. 16/830,213

Allowed for Award November 10, 2020

Personalized Cells, Tissues, and Organs for Transplantation from a Humanized, Bespoke, Designated-Pathogen Free, Non-Human Donor, covers the concepts underpinning the precise genetic modifications and processes we have designed to create “humanized” and “personalized” porcine donor source animal for transplantation of immune-compatible cells, tissues, and organs.


U.S. Provisional Patent App. No. 63/034,140

Filed June 3, 2020

Computational and Predictive Design of Humanized, Bespoke, Non-Human Donor for Transplantation of Personalized Cells, Tissues, and Organs, describes how to harness a predictive algorithm using high-throughput computational mathematics (employing widely available and accessible “base-pair” level data sets) and in silico modeling of gene and protein variation in order to improve on the current standard of human-to-human transplantation today and give this non-human source an even greater advantage. This non-provisional patent application was submitted June 2020 and is anticipated for public visibility by  December 2020.

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