Each year, only 39,000 human cadavers, or less than one percent of all organ donors in the world, are able to donate soft tissue. This leaves hundreds of thousands to die from burn wounds throughout the world then the vast majority could be saved with a greater supply of soft tissue graft material.


Our goal at XenoTherapeutics Inc. is to end this crisis by advancing the science of xenotransplantation with the rigor and integrity of the world’s pre-eminent academic research institutions, while urgently bringing the life-saving products of this science to patients around the globe with the vigor and speed of a lean startup. We will accomplish both goals through the establishment of two separate but synergistic entities.

XenoTherapeutics Inc. is a non-profit, which maximizes our effectiveness in collaborating with the academic institutions that have been instrumental in the development of our science and technology. This structure enhances our ability to effectively collaborate and strengthens our eligibility for critical grant and matching funding. These assets and XenoTherapeutics Inc.'s non-profit status will be critical in the formation of divisions responsible for raising source animals, harvesting their soft tissues and bio-implants, and maintaining the products at xenograft tissue banks.


However, commercializing and bringing to market these life-saving products based on the fruits of our scientific research is beyond the scope of a purely non-profit entity. In addition to XenoTherapeutics Inc., we have developed a complementary for-profit corporation, XenoTherapeutics Corporation, that exclusively sub-licenses our leading-edge technology for commercialization purposes. XenoTherapeutics Corporation will provide XenoTherapeutics Inc. with a steady source of funding for our research efforts and further develop our technology through equity and other investments that would not be possible in a purely non-profit model.  Doing so frees XenoTherapeutics Inc. to do what we do best: non-profit research, development, sourcing of soft tissue, and ultimately providing an array of xeno-products to benefit patients.


Over time and through consistent growth, XenoTherapeutics Inc. and XenoTherapeutics Corporation will be able to surpass the amount of annual human donor tissue available worldwide; while tissues are currently procured from only 39,000 donors each year, XenoTherapeutics Inc. envisions a scalable operation that provides an unlimited supply of tissues and organs to patients in critical need. Skin is just the beginning and a proving ground for what will eventually become the first product from a leading global provider of organs, bio-implants and xenograft tissues in regenerative medicine.


Our business model harnesses the vision and creativity of the non-profit sector with the resources, pragmatism, and expertise of the for-profit industry.