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we engineer life

XenoTherapeutics is a clinical-stage, cell therapy company engineering personalized cells, tissues, and organs for transplantation. XenoTherapeutics, along with its network of contract partnerships, conducts all phases of clinical product development, including cell design, initial genome engineering, prototype design, manufacturing, preclinical and clinical evaluation. We Engineer Life.

Founded in 2017 to capitalize on the technological breakthroughs in cell biology and genetic engineering, we are advancing our novel cell-therapy platform to develop, manufacture, and deliver an entirely new generation and fundamentally different class of engineered cells to treat common and rare diseases, at a scale never before possible.

Through our patented gene-editing techniques and exclusive manufacturing capabilities, we have achieved the first ever FDA-clearance in xenotransplantation for investigational use in human patients, unlocking hundreds of novel therapeutic treatments without the many complications of allogeneic-based cell therapies.  


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In addition to direct cell-replacement, we can also further engineer these cells to perform a broad range of functionalities including protein production, antibody creation, cytokine secretion, or local enzyme replacement for advanced therapeutic benefit.

We Believe



We exist to radically solve the unforgiving need

for cell, tissue, and organ transplantation

- for all humankind.



To stave off preventable mortality and to convert the hope of second chances

into reality

The Principles We Build On



leading a New Frontier of Medicine

  • We are the FIRST to create clinical-grade therapeutics sourced from non-human porcine donors 

  • We are the FIRST to develop methods to ensure potency, purity, and specificity for xenotransplantation products at commercial (cGMP) scale

  • We are the FIRST to treat human patients with FDA-cleared live, non-human cells for investigational use

  • We are the FIRST to be awarded a network of patents integrating the knowledge and inventions derived from our unique, first-mover experience

  • Exclusive IP to create a biologic master cell bank of unlimited, stable, immune-compatible cells nearly identical to any cell type found in the human body

  • Broad expansion potential for manufacturing of immortalized, tailor-made transplantable cells

  • Access to CRISPR editing and know-how to enable genome engineering

  • Engineering of an optimized, “bespoke,” clinical grade porcine donor that harnesses natural biologic development processes for enhanced efficacy and safety

  • Broad therapeutic potential via a wide array of authentic cell types

  • Patented methods to ensure potency, purity, sterility, and specificity for commercial (cGMP) scale

  • Exclusive manufacturing capabilities and regulatory success to achieve FDA-clearance for investigational use

  • First-mover experience successfully delivering FDA-cleared, live non-human cells into  patients to establish a platform to enable hundreds of novel therapeutic modalities

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