In 2019, XenoTherapeutics performed the first FDA-cleared non-human organ transplant in the United States at the Massachusetts General Hospital.


XenoTherapeutics Corporation is a clinical-stage, cell therapy company engineering personalized cells, tissues, and organs for transplantation.


To stave off preventable mortality and to convert the hope of second chances into reality.


We exist to radically solve the unforgiving need for organ and tissue transplantation

—for all humankind.

The Principles We Build On




As a virtual biotechnology company (VIBCO), we operate with cellular-to-surgical expertise, collaborating with subject matter experts and domain-focused teams in a streamlined corporate business model. Our partnerships replace the traditional need for brick-and-mortar expenses and offer services to a company like ours that were previously unattainable. 


Together, our team combines into a force that looks much bigger, operates much faster, and achieves more with less by comparison to our peers. We are reducing costs, compressing timelines, and speeding time to market. 


Our business model harnesses the vision, creativity, and mission-driven passion of the non-profit sector (XenoTherapeutics Foundation) with the resources, pragmatism, and expertise of the for-profit corporation (XenoTherapeutics Corporation) to support the rapid development of tangible therapeutic solutions to address a critical, growing unmet medical need. 

XenoTherapeutics Corporation exclusively sub-licenses intellectual property from XenoTherapeutics Foundation for commercialization purposes. XenoTherapeutics Corporation can raise money through traditional channels open to for-profit entities (stock sales, loans, etc). It then provides XenoTherapeutics Foundation with a steady source of funding via a sponsored research agreement for continued research efforts and further development since relying on an unpredictable stream of charitable contributions is enormously disruptive to the process of funding essential research and building quality teams. Both entities continually collaborate on intellectual property strategy.

The non-profit/for-profit joint venture model de-risks and optimizes therapeutic candidates by leveraging favorable regulatory indications and decreasing time to market.


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