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W E  E N G I N E E R  L I F E 

 YOU are the design.

Our Approach

We start with healthy, genetically optimized porcine mesenchymal stem cells (pMSCs) sourced from FDA-grade porcine donors as the basis of our platform.
Then, using our patented gene-editing techniques and proprietary bioprocessing and manufacturing techniques, we create an optimized “bespoke” FDA-cleared clinical grade porcine donor.

Finally, by harnessing natural biologic development processes, we create a stable master bank of immune-compatible cells nearly identical to any cell type found in the human body. The cells in this bank will be capable of unlimited expansion and differentiation, creating a true platform capable of enabling therapies to treat hundreds of indications.


We engineer tailor-made transplantable cells and enable therapies to treat common and rare diseases.

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